5 Reasons to Visit Jim Corbett - Nadiya Parao Resort

Jim Corbett National Park - Nadiya Parao Resort

1. Corbett— a weekend gateway:

 Imagine a land of numinous beauty is just a five-hour drive away from the busy capital. Jim Corbett national park is known for appealing people with its tempting beauty, and lush forests. You can simply relax in a good resort with your loved ones, and spend more time with your family. Jim Corbett is also a perfect location to come and take a break, you want to break free from the daily works of the capital. There are a lot of unique resorts that will completely turn your day around.

2. Live within the forest:

Did you know Jim Corbett National Park is one forest reserve in India that lets you experience the forest from within?
Live in the heart of the enchanting forest, and be sure to book your stay in advance, a lot of people know about this secret now. There is a different feel in living inside the forest, something about the magic inside, it moves your body and soul, and believe me, this joy is a different one. The best way to book your stay: first experience the luxury of Nadiya Parao Resort for a day and the next day march on into the forest for a unique experience.

3. Meet the king himself:

Meet the king himself with safari
Jim Corbett has the densest population of Bengal Tigers in India. Book a jeep safari directly from the resort or the online portal, to visit the park. Make sure to check the tiger movement with the naturalist first and then book the zone. Each zone is unique and beautiful in its own way; especially for photographers, it’s as beautiful as heaven can be.
You can visit any of the beautiful zones Dhikala Zone: Dhangadi Gate;
Bijrani Zone: Amdanda Gate;
Jhirna Zone: Dhela Gate;
Dhela Zone: Dhela Gate;
Durga devi zone: durga devi gate;
Sitabani zone.

4. Fun things to do:

Live within the forest - Nadiya Parao Resort
Be it hikes, birding, visiting museums or the famous temples. Corbett offers a lot of scenic beauty and interesting history in the region. The wonderful and unique villages around the park are definitely worth a visit. The people living here will take you back to a very simple time.
Nadiya Parao is a luxury resort alongside the magnificent river Kosi at just 5 mins drives from the Bijrani Safari Zones of the Jim Corbett National Park. The people have their own unique style of living. Stay with Nadiya Parao to experience such excursions in the village.

5. Wonderful places you can visit:
  •  Visit Garjia Temple or Shri Hanuman Dham
  •  Hike to Baraati Rao Falls or visit Corbett Falls
  •  Picnic at Tumaria Dam—offered by Nadiya Parao Resort   
  •  Day visit to Jim Corbett Museum
  •  Patkot Picnic (beautiful drive and 1km hike) offered by Nadiya Parao Resort.

  Visit Nadiya Parao Resort: 
Book your stay in one of the most luxurious rooms in Corbett. 12 acres of a lush green mango orchard, surrounded by farmlands and Bijrani Forest. Experience a beautiful way of life where your children and you will not just have an exciting unique experience but also an educational one. Show your children milking of a cow, or let them pluck their own salad, or maybe participate in a children’s tour with Nadiya Parao Resort’s in-house naturalist.

Nadiya Parao Resort
Nadiya Parao Resort
Nadiya Parao resort has 42 well-furnished rooms in 4 different categories: 4 king-size cottages (each having 2 premium rooms on the first level & 4 superior rooms on the ground level), 4 Executive Suite rooms & 14 deluxe rooms that will suit every customer. The Premium & Superior rooms in the cottage are very spacious with king-size double/twin beds with finest en-suite bath. The premium rooms have their own private terrace and the superior rooms to have their own private sitting area. Each of these rooms has a separate powder area too with all-weather AC and LCD/LED televisions. There is a special package for each traveler, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast I’d like to tell you that Nadiya Parao Resort has 173 bird species inside their resort itself. If you’re coming with your family there are enough activities for your child to put them to sleep by the end of the day. If you’re a women’s group we have enough venues for your get-togethers or relaxing spa sessions.

Nadiya Parao resort is friendly for senior citizens, so if you want to treat your parents to a wonderful stay, don’t worry they have a home and a caring family right here at Nadiya Parao Resort.


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